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As part of our school project, we offer the opportunity for a social internship. There are two preferred variants for the time frame:

1) One-year school internship: Lessons (German) at school, work in the pedagogical and church areas. Period: From late August to July (10-11 months).

2) 30-day internship: Concrete work assignment (helping with construction work in the school area or working in the children's/youth camps (in the months of June to August).


1) Physical and mental health.

2) Pedagogical competence (for the one-year internship).

3) Willingness to accept simple living conditions.

Basic knowledge of Russian or Kazakh is very advantageous.

Accommodation and meals in the school canteen are free of charge.

For the one-year internship, you receive a monthly fee that corresponds to a Kazakh teacher's salary.

change life


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Length of time

Volunteering in another country can have a very positive effect on your personal development:

- Independence, taking responsibility.

- Experience of own strengths and limitations.

- Getting to know another culture and lifestyles

- Go out and help others

- Learn Russian and Kazakh.

Stable health and resilience are required. Practical and/or teaching skills are required for the 30-day assignment. For the one-year school assignment, a pedagogical training is desirable. A curriculum vitae (CV) is required for an application. 

The length of stay depends on the visa requirements of the country. No visa is required for 30 days. For a one-year stay, it is necessary to issue your own visa. 



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